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Join us as a volunteer

Would you like to plan this year's Hertford Carnival, to assist us on the day, or to help in some other way? Please contact us to get involved! Details of opportunities are found below.



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Help plan Hertford Carnival

Planning for the 2019 Hertford Carnival is now underway! If you would like to join us, we would love to have you. An enormous amount of work has to go into organising even a small-scale static event: the more help, the better the event! Fresh ideas and energy would be welcome.

boys and a canoe 2017

Photo; boys and their toys! Hertford Carnival Day 2017, courtesy of Steve Beeston photography.

If you have any particular skills in finance, event organising, publicity, or Health & Safety, if you have general organisational or people skills, or are simply keen, please mention when contacting us. You will be most welcome.

We will list you as an organiser on the website, unless you have any objection.

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Help on the day

Extra pairs of hands can be needed on carnival day itself, for example to set up stalls or shake tins.  If you can provide a pair, please contact us (mentioning ‘on the day’).

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Other ways individuals can help

Spread news of the carnival;

We will do our best to let everyone in the town know the plans for the carnival.  However it would assist us if you as individuals could;

  • Pass on the news of the carnival to friends and family, by word of mouth, by sharing our Twitter feed, by forwarding the link to the website, displaying any posters etc.

  • Webmasters; if you have an appropriate website where you could add a link to the Hertford Carnival website, please do so.
    We can link to your site if you have a similar event.

  • stall from up high 2014
Photo; a bird's eye view - almost! Hertford Carnival Day 2014, courtesy of Bernard Groom.


Sponsorship packages are available to local businesses.  However if you would like to take on one of these packages as an individual, for example to dedicate to the memory of a loved one, we can tailor them for you.  Click here for details of existing packages.

Donate cash or goods;

We can use donated pens, cash etc! Please see here.

Anything else!

Alternatively, if you would like to offer something not covered, we would be more than happy to discuss any ideas you may have. Please contact us

In return, and if you have no objection, we will list you as a supporter in all relevant media, for example on the website. 

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Get in touch!

To discuss volunteering with us, please contact;

Peter Rawlings
Tel; 01992-584846
Email; peteraw.rawlings@virgin.net

Volunteer, sponsor and donor contact information will only be used by the Hertford Carnival Committee for the purposes specified and will not be passed to third parties.

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Where Now?

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Local people!

You are crucial in making Hertford Carnival happen! And the more people who take part, the better this community event is.